Read Me Aloud helps your kid learn reading

Read easily

Read Aloud highlights the current sentence, to help kid focus. As the reading progresses, words get colored.

Super helpful

A hint system help kids: the next word gets more prominent if kids fail to read it correctly. 3 errors or a tap and the word appear hyphenated.

Lovely tales

This is a collection of original whimsical tales, composed for the specific purpose of keeping kids interested in reading.

Illustration and sounds

Illustration and sound effects keep kids entertained while they read.


A dynamic reading system

Read Aloud guides young readers, validating their efforts and reinforcing their confidence.

The text is segmented into short sentences; the current sentence is highlighted. While the child reads, words are colored, one by one.

A dynamic help system assists the kids, making sure they don't lose the thread, so to speak. A finger point to the next word to read; if the word is not read correctly, the finger starts moving to catch the kid's attention. If the word is not recognized, it's highlighted. Finally, after 3 mistakes, the word is displayed at the center of the screen, hyphenated for clarity.

Hyphenation can be displayed also with a simple tap on the word to read.

If the word is still too difficult, you can tap a button to listen to its pronunciation and go on.

An original collection

All tales included in Read Aloud are original.

Do you know the tale of the poor farmer? And what about the hedgehog with the reflective jacket? They are newly composed tales to keep kids entertained and interested in reading.

Every tale is accompanied by illustrations and sound effects, gradually disclosing as the child reads aloud: there's a surprise in every page.

New tales will be added periodically.


Teach your kid Italian, why not?

Switching language, you can access Read Aloud Italian tales.

Read Aloud can be used as a tool to improve Italian reading and pronounciation skills.

Most tales are present in both languages, but there is original content available only in Italian.

Learn new words

Tales are the best way to approach a language. You'll find words in their context, it will be much easier to remember them.

people talking
Learn pronunciation

Read Aloud is the perfect tool to learn how to pronounce new words. Try pronouncing it; if you cannot, speech synthesis comes to the help.

Frequently asked questions

Ask away, please!

Is this a book of tales?

Yes and no. It's an original collection of tales, but all tales must be read aloud first. By reading aloud kids improve their reading skills, while tales keep them engaged and entertained.

Is this for kids?

Yes, more specifically for kids who are learning to read. Primary school kids, in other words.

Is this safe to give to a kid?

I'd never advise leaving your iPad to your kid without supervision. However, all of the contents in Read Aloud are kid safe.

Is it an app for learning to read ?

It's an app to improve reading skills. There's no ABC training here, but tales for kids who have a basic grasp of reading. A basic reading competence is required for autonomous usage; alternatively, parents can read tales aloud to their kids, while the screen highlights the read parts.

Is it an app for learning Italian?

It can be. There are English and Italian tales, you can switch to Italian if you wish so. Italian tales are definitely a good tool for learning new words and improving pronunciation.

Is it free?

Nope, you need a subscription to acces the tales.

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